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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Michael Hansen

  • Knee Scope and Rotator Cuff

“My first experience with Dr. Douglas was 12-15 years ago I think. I had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder after it had developed some bone spurs. My surgery was so successful that after a couple of years I couldn't remember which shoulder he operated on. In short, I had full range of motion and strength just like before the surgery. Years followed and I became older and the right shoulder started to act up in 2019. There wasn't anyone else I even considered for treatment and eventually surgery was performed on the right shoulder. Even though I am a few years older now and a little slower in the year + since surgery I've had the same results. Full motion on the shoulder and it is just as strong as the left. Three weeks ago I had my right knee scoped by Dr. Douglas, Just had a small tear in the lateral meniscus. On the mend now, strength coming back, just have to give it some more time, but extremely happy with results so far. Not only do I think Dr. Douglas does great work his staff is always friendly and professional. Craig Packman is the PA I visit with and he is always more than helpful and knowledgeable about the procedures and problems I have had. I would highly recommend Dr Douglas and his staff to anyone who has any orthopedic problems as I know they will be taken well care of in this office.”


  • Right ankle hardware removed

“I was in so much pain and could not walk more than 20 steps due to ankle hardware put in my ankle 20 plus years ago. Dr. Douglas removed the hardware and as soon as the very next day I felt great and I am just getting better. Now I can walk through the store which I have not been able to do for more than a year. Thank you so much Dr. Douglas and Chad Jarvis, PA-C. You two are miracle workers for me!”


  • Right Hip replacemant

“ I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and live in Nevada

After 3 years of issues and VERY BAD pain in my right hip and (NOT slamming the VAMC in general just their "TOPS" that have the big oak desks Back in DC and SLC, Ut ) I had SCANS and X Rays and shots and "wait and see procedures" over and over again. I had surgery scheduled, rescheduled and CANCELLED ( twice) due to the VAMC Salt Lake City POLICES and finally The CHINA VIRUS. Finally I was referred to Dr Douglas. With visions of more delays and office staff that treat patients like rotating numbers I was greeted by the MULTI TASKING ladies with incredible kindness and concern.

Led by the office mgr JEN K and the rest of the front office including Jennifer H, Annette, Jess, Pam, Sharayne (remembered the 'R', darlin, LOL) and MA, Alesha (and staff in the back); these girls were ALWAYS FRIENDLY and VERY HELPFUL with the VA Procedures for Community Care.

Finally backed by Craig Packman PA-C on 9 July I had my hip replacement surgery by Dr. Douglas who ALWAYS reassured me in the most positive way. AND with reassurance from my Father (who passed away many years ago) who told me as I was being wheeled into the OR " I was in the BEST HANDS and WE will take good care of you" I knew I was in the right hands with Dr. Douglas.

All went well and now 6 weeks later I am 90% and SO HAPPY and GRATEFUL I found Tooele Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Specialists.

My heart and eyes are clouding up now SOOO see you in 6 weeks.

Kudos to you all and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!



Jeffrey d bates

  • Knee replacement
Jeffrey d bates's photo

“Very professional team and great staff to work with on any of your needs or concerns. Highly recommended team, I am 10 weeks out from surgery and pretty much back to normal with all my outdoor activities with no pain!”


  • Hip surgery

“Dr Douglas was wonderful! ”

Sylvia Stapleton

  • Rotator cuff repair

“Dr. Douglas and his PA Chad Jarvis, did an amazing job on my worn out shoulder. I will go back when anything else wears out. Extremely happy. ”

Warren Fox

  • hip replacement

“Several weeks ago Dr. Douglas replaced my right hip. Prior to the surgery the doctor visited with me at great length concerning how the procedure would be performed and what I could expect as an end result. He explained the risks involved and answered any and all questions I had to my complete satisfaction. I can not imagine having anyone but Dr. Douglas perform any future surgeries or other procedures on myself or a family member.Those of us living in this community can feel very fortunate to have such a highly competent, trustworthy and caring practitioner ready and willing to attend to our needs. The same can be said of the entire staff under his pervue. Each and every one of them perform at a high level of excellence. I issue a tremendous thank you to them all.”

Lori S

  • Total knee replacement
Lori S's photo

“Apprensive at first, but Dr Douglas's team made me feel I was doing the right thing at the right time. I've been to this office many times with my knee issues and feel like I am at home there. I felt confident of Dr Douglas's talent and knowledge with his robotic surgery. The hospital was superior. I was well taken care of by everyone. I am doing very good and will continue thanks to lots of help from my family. I recommend this office, A number 1!! Thank you ”


  • Total L Hip

“Well here I am 17 days post op and I am doing awesome!! I was treated like a princess by staff and my surgery was a whopping success!!! I went in on Thursday and discharged late the next day and I am on a roll,......My hospital stay was short but I was educated and treated with professionals that were knowledgeable, caring and made me feel like I was in the right place at the right time....Thank you Dr. Douglas, and all your staff!.......including your office staff for a very positive experience!!!! I'm looking forward to getting back on my little tread mill and to going fishing..... Thank you for a new lease on life!!!!! M.E.”

Tim Booth Jr

  • Full knee replacement

“I had a full knee replacement on March 2, 2020. I cannot express how thankful I am for the professional way Dr Douglas, his staff and Mountain West staff treated me. Two weeks into the recovery process and I am only using a cane for long walks. Thank you for all your encouragement, care and expertise. My knee has not felt this good in years. I even drove my pickup truck yesterday. I am so excited to get back to an active live style. Thank you for giving me back my life. Your 10 out of 10.”

Dan and Barb Reed

  • Rotator cuff repair, Hip replacement, Total Knee replacement

“My Husband Dan and I have each had both knees replaced. I have also had a hip replaced, and both shoulders repaired-whew!

Dr. Doug and Craig Packham have been THE BEST! Dr. Douglas is always cheerful and approachable. Great bedside manner and Skill set. Kudos to the entire staff for their great attitude and professionalism. A big Shout Out also to Robert Pagnani of Pagnani Physical Therapy, who works closely with Dr. Douglas and his staff to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. ”

Angie & Craig R.

  • patient care and right hip replacement

“I was scheduled for hip replacement surgery in January with Dr. Douglas. On a Sunday morning before surgery, my husband woke up with a stiff neck and pain in his left arm and was seen at Mountain West Medical Center. Later that morning Dr. Douglas called us at home and said my husband Craig would be seen first thing Monday morning by his physician assistant Craig Packham. Craig Packham had an MRI scheduled Tuesday and followed up with us Wednesday. Due to Craig's condition, Dr. Douglas called Intermountain Medical Center and he was seen by a neurosurgeon that evening. My husband had four cervical vertebrae fused. My hip replacement surgery was performed Feb 3rd. Dr. Douglas did an excellent job. I was up and walking that evening. I am now six weeks out and doing great.

A special thank you to Craig Packham and Dr. Douglas for the excellent care we both received and that I continue to receive. The office staff is wonderful, so professional, caring and accommodating. Thank you, thank you for all your help and support.

If you have orthopedic needs, I highly recommend Tooele Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. You deserve the best!”

Wendy A.

  • rotator cuff repair, two total knee replacements

“Thanks for another great experience! Craig and Dr. Douglas are top notch professionals. I recently had a rotator cuff repair, the surgery went smoothly and the recover went very well. My children wanted me to have my surgery in Salt Lake. I went with Tooele Orthopedics because Dr. Douglas did both of my knee replacements and I was extremely pleased with the results. I trust Dr. Douglas and Craig and appreciate their willingness to answer questions and provide top quality health care. Thank you!”

Judie Chaudoin

  • Knees, Broken Tailbone and Dislocated Elbow

“Cameron was my doctor PA through all these horrible experiences. I cannot say enough good of him. He is compassionate and such a good Doctor. I first went in for my knees, he treated me for that, then 2 weeks later I fell and broke my tailbone, then 2 weeks later fell and dislocated my elbow. I know luck sure was not on my side, but through it all he worked with me and I now am back to work after almost 10 weeks off. He is an amazing Doctor and I really cannot say enough good of him. Thank You Cameron your the best..

Becky H Mecham

  • knee replacement

“Tooele has a rare jewel. Dr. Douglas, Cameron Cooper, PA-C and the staff of Tooele Orthopedics has been amazing. This is my second knee replacement. Dr. Douglas was a wonderful choice to perform such an important surgery. He has a great bedside manner, and his assistants are so kind. I never felt rushed in an office visit, and Cameron took up a lot of time with me explaining things and answering my questions. My surgery went great, and I am on the road to recovery. Thank you to Tooele Orthopedics for a job well done!! ”